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Sequined Instant Turban Polyester Scarf Head Wrap Lightweight Hat Bonnet Cap for Women,B-9PUL

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Aktueller Preis $ 16.79
Color: Silvery Grey-Brown
* Fabric Type: Sequined
* Fabric Content: %100 Polyester
* Size: One-size-fits-all
* 3Hand Wash
* Optical Detergent, bleach should not be used. Dry cleaning recommended only.
* Backside Warm Iron
* It is super easy to wear product during four seasons

* Wear on and go out.
* That's comfortable, practical, and easy to use.
* It will take seconds to be stylish with this cap's flexible, comfortable fabric with a single move
* Meticuolusly designed and carefully manufactured by Aisha's Design mastership and experience
* Product photos are original product shots
* There may be slight tonal differences in the product images according to brand, screen, etc. of the computer and mobile device used.

Designer's note: It is flexible, wrinkle-resistant, and breathable and comfortable with its high quality polyester fabric.It is suitable for frequent and long-term use with its non-weight fabric type. It is easy to wear product for all seasons.