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It's time to add new touches to your closet with unique turban designs with different colors and patterns!


“Aisha’s Design” is a brand of a natural result of a 45 years long tradition of textile and design. We started our journey under the name of “Ayse Turban Tasarim” in 2008 and became the favorite of ladies who give importance to style and design in a short time. Aisha’s Design works with its design, production and support teams, which are always one step ahead of the present, and does not compromise on the quality and compatibility of the products they design and come up against the customers with the concepts formed by adopting the philosophy of signing the difference in every detail. We continue our journey with the same attention and and with the love and energy that we always pay attention to the quality of the fabric, the choice of accessories, the supplier agreements, the care of our employees. And now Aisha’s Design started to present you Home Textiles, kitchen textiles and bags which we reflect our experience, sense of “high-quality” and meticulousness on every each of them. Thank you for choosing Aisha’s Design We design and manufacture our products meticulously with great interest. We pres ent and reach them to our valuable customers on the best sales platforms of the world in more than 30 countries. We pay the same attention to our wholesale customers by establishing solid and warm relationships in a consistent way and growing day by day.