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Instant Scarf Chiffon Shawl for Women Headwear Turban Ready to Wear Scarf,CPS-502

Ursprünglicher Preis $ 24.49 - Ursprünglicher Preis $ 24.49
Ursprünglicher Preis $ 24.49
$ 19.59
$ 19.59 - $ 19.59
Aktueller Preis $ 19.59
* Fabric Type: Chiffon
* Fabric Content: %100 Polyester
* Size: One-size-fits-all
* It is suitable for dry cleaning.
* It is not suitable machine washable and drying.
* Iron on warm and reverse.
* It has durability and breathability thanks to its Fabric Feature.
* It is super easy to wear product for all seasons.
* Meticuolusly designed and carefully manufactured by Aisha's Design mastership and experience.
* Product photos are original product shots
* There may be slight tonal differences in the product images according to brand, screen, etc. of the computer and mobile device used.
Designer's note:
A model that leads instant chiffon shawls with plain and patterned selections. Really practical and easy to wear. Like every Aisha's Design design.
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