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Tropical Floral and Butterfly Print Cushion Cover with Playful Tassel Corners, Butterfly Themed Throw Pillow Cover, Kids Room Pillow,K-358

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Prix d'origine DA 2,600.00
Prix d'origine DA 2,600.00 - Prix d'origine DA 2,600.00
Prix d'origine DA 2,600.00
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Prix actuel DA 1,800.00
Color: Suzani Pattern 35
* Fabric Type: Digital Printed Fabric
* Fabric Content: 100% Polyester
* Product Size:
Width: 20 inches (50 cm)
Height: 12 inches (30 cm)
* Package Includes: 1 Pillow Cover

* Washing instructions: Machine washable at 30 degrees. Not suitable for wringing or tumble drying. Bleach should not be used.
* Our textiles, made with microfiber thread, are washable, wipeable, and stain-resistant. They also retain their size and color without shrinking or fading and offer excellent air permeability.

* Aisha's Design products are carefully designed and manufactured in our workshop.
* All images showcased are taken directly from the actual products, ensuring a true representation of their quality and design.
* There might be slight tonal differences in the product images depending on the properties of your mobile phone/computer screen.

Designer's note:
Let this vibrant cushion cover be a joyful splash of the tropics in your home, with its lush floral and playful butterfly print that brings the beauty of a sun-drenched garden into any room. The vivacious colors are a celebration of nature's palette, with blooms and butterflies in hues that capture the essence of a tropical escape. It's an instant uplift to your decor, infusing it with the freshness and vitality of the outdoors.

The cushion cover is framed by charming tassels at each corner, adding a whimsical touch that dances with every movement. These tassels are not just decorative flourishes; they embody the carefree spirit of summer days, bringing a sense of fun and lightheartedness to the piece. They are the perfect playful accents that kids, in particular, will adore in their own spaces.

Crafted with comfort and durability in mind, the fabric of the pillow is soft to the touch yet sturdy enough to withstand the liveliness of a child's playroom or the relaxed ambiance of a family living area. It's a cover that invites you to snuggle up for storytime or to serve as a cozy companion during afternoon naps.

This butterfly-themed throw pillow cover isn't just a home accessory; it's a piece that tells a story of adventure and enchantment. It's designed for those who love to surround themselves with items that spark joy and imagination. So, invite this little touch of paradise into your home and watch as it becomes a cherished part of your family's everyday comfort and style.
UGC BD-EV-K-358-S35