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Instant Turban Velvet Scarf Head Wrap with Removable Bowtie Headwear Cap Bonnet For Women Fashion,B-27K

Prix d'origine DA 2,200.00
Prix d'origine DA 2,200.00 - Prix d'origine DA 2,200.00
Prix d'origine DA 2,200.00
Prix actuel DA 1,500.00
DA 1,500.00 - DA 1,500.00
Prix actuel DA 1,500.00
Color: Black
* Fabric Type: Velvet Fabric
* Fabric Conten: %100 Polyester
* Size: One-size-fits-all
* 30°c Sensitive Washing
* Optical Detergent, bleach should not be used. Dry cleaning recommended only.
* Backside Warm Iron

It's lightweight fabric will make you feel comfortable in your daily activities.
* Meticuolusly designed and carefully manufactured by Aisha's Design mastership and experience
* Product photos are original product shots
* There may be slight tonal differences in the product images according to brand, screen, etc. of the computer and mobile device used.

Designer's note: A very different and fantastic design from Aishas Design. Two different products together with its removable bowtie accessory. Put it on and go out. Very comfortable, practical, and easy to use.It won't take more than a minute to have a gorgeous look.