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Tight Instant Turban Beanie Cap, Cotton Turban Beret for Women, Flexible and Tight Headwrap, Turban Head Covering for Cancer Patients,B-35

Prix d'origine DA 900.00 - Prix d'origine DA 900.00
Prix d'origine DA 900.00
DA 700.00
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Prix actuel DA 700.00
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* Fabric Type: Combed Cotton
* Fabric Content: 95% Cotton & 5% Lycra
* Size: One-size-fits-all

* Washing instructions: Machine washable at 30 degrees on a gentle cycle. Bleach or optical brighteners should not be used.
* Ironing instructions: Should be ironed on a warm setting and on the reverse side.
* Suitable to wear in all seasons, easy to wear.

* Aisha's Design products are carefully designed and manufactured in our workshop.
* All images showcased are taken directly from the actual products, ensuring a true representation of their quality and design.
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Designer's note:
This chic beret-style turban is crafted from the highest quality cotton, ensuring a breathable fit that conforms comfortably to your head. The vibrant shade of red is selected to complement any complexion and add a bold statement to your wardrobe. Our beanie cap is designed for the woman who appreciates a sleek silhouette that's both easy to wear and fashion-forward.

The "Cotton Turban Beret for Women" is a testament to our commitment to elegant design and versatility. This headwrap is a modern twist on the classic beret, offering a snug fit that’s perfect for a range of occasions, from a casual day out to a sophisticated evening event. Its flexible design ensures that it stays in place, providing a secure fit for all-day wear. The turban is an effortless accessory that can be styled in seconds, saving you time while making a stylish impact.

Our "Flexible and Tight Headwrap" is a nod to the modern woman’s need for adaptable fashion. The stretchable cotton material is gentle on the skin and fits snugly around the head, adapting to various head sizes without losing shape. Its tight fit ensures that the turban stays in place, offering a fuss-free solution for those with an active lifestyle. Moreover, the solid color serves as a versatile base for accessorizing, making it an indispensable addition to your fashion repertoire.

Lastly, we've mindfully designed our turban to be a compassionate choice for individuals experiencing hair loss due to alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy. The "Turban Head Covering for Cancer Patients" combines function and elegance, providing full head coverage in a stylish and dignified manner. The soft cotton fabric is kind to sensitive skin, while the secure fit offers peace of mind for those who wear it. Our turban is more than just a head covering; it's a symbol of grace and resilience, offering comfort and style to those facing health challenges.