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Boho Set of 2 Sofa Armrest Cover with Colourful Tassels, High Quality Striped Sofa Arm Protectors, Playful Tasseled Couch Arm Covers,KC-5

Prix d'origine DA 5,000.00 - Prix d'origine DA 5,000.00
Prix d'origine DA 5,000.00
DA 3,500.00
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Prix actuel DA 3,500.00
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* Fabric Type: Cotton Fabric
* Fabric Content: 100% Cotton
* Product Size:
Width: 22 inches (55 cm)
Height: 26 inches (65 cm)
* Package Includes: 2 x Sofa Armrest Cover

* Washing instructions: Machine washable at 30 degrees. Not suitable for wringing or tumble drying. Suitable for dry cleaning. Bleach should not be used.

* Aisha's Design products are carefully designed and manufactured in our workshop.
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Designer's note:
Welcome to the perfect blend of functionality and whimsy for your living space. Our Boho Sofa Armrest Covers are more than just a protective layer for your furniture; they're a statement of your unique style and a celebration of playful design. Crafted with an eye for quality, each cover features a durable, striped fabric that promises to guard your sofa's arms against wear and tear while adding an extra layer of texture to your décor.

Imagine lounging on your couch, a cup of tea in hand, and the soft, textured feel of these covers under your touch. The vibrant tassels, each one carefully attached to the hem, bring a burst of joy and a pop of color that can brighten any room. Whether it's the subtle interaction of light and shadow across the stripes or the gentle sway of the tassels with every movement, these covers turn the ordinary into something magical.

Ease of care is just as important as aesthetics, which is why these armrest covers are designed to be as practical as they are pretty. Slip them on for a snug fit that won't slip or slide as you settle in for your evening unwind. And when life gets a little messy, fear not – they are just as easy to remove and freshen up, ensuring that your space remains a sanctuary of cleanliness and comfort.

Bringing a touch of bohemian flair to your home has never been easier. These sofa armrest covers are an effortless way to inject personality into your living room. Perfect for the eclectic soul or anyone looking to spice up their home's look with pieces that are as unique as they are, these covers are more than just accessories—they're the conversation starters that transform your house into a home.