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Bohemian Two Seater Woven Textured Sofa Cover with Tassel Accents, Classic Couch Slipcover for Living Room, Sofa Slipcover 2 Seater,KO-23IK

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Prix d'origine DA 5,100.00
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Prix d'origine DA 5,100.00
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Prix actuel DA 3,600.00
Color: Ivory
* Fabric Type: Upholstery Fabric
* Fabric Content: 100% Cotton
* Product Size:
Width: 61 inches (155 cm)
Height: 35 inches (90 cm)
* Package Includes: 1 Sofa Cover

* Washing instructions: Machine washable at 30 degrees. Not suitable for wringing or tumble drying. Suitable for dry cleaning. Bleach should not be used.

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Designer's note:
Step into a realm where comfort meets style with our Bohemian Two-Seater Woven Textured Sofa Cover. This exquisite piece is a symphony of texture and design, meticulously created to rejuvenate your living space with a sense of classic charm and contemporary ease.

Crafted from a beautifully woven fabric, this sofa cover provides a delightfully tactile experience, inviting you to touch and feel its quality. The intricate weave brings a depth of character to your sofa, transforming it into a centerpiece that's both visually appealing and invitingly cozy.

The playful tassel accents that adorn the edges of this cover are not just decorative touches—they are emblems of a laid-back, bohemian lifestyle that resonates with relaxed elegance. Each tassel is a testament to the thoughtful craftsmanship that goes into every inch of this cover, ensuring that your space looks as good as it feels.

Designed to fit seamlessly over a two-seater sofa, this slipcover is an easy way to protect your furniture without sacrificing style. It's perfect for updating your decor or preparing for a new season, offering a quick and transformative solution for your home furnishings.

This cover isn't just about aesthetics; it's also a shield against the everyday. It's easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that your sanctuary remains both beautiful and practical. Whether you're hosting a movie night or simply lounging with a book, our Bohemian Sofa Cover promises to enhance your living experience with comfort, beauty, and durability.