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20x12 Quilted Velvet Long Fringes Throw Pillow Cover, Large Decorative Pillow Cover for Housewarming Gift, Modern Fringe Lumbar Pillow,K-354

Prix d'origine DA 3,500.00 - Prix d'origine DA 3,500.00
Prix d'origine DA 3,500.00
DA 2,400.00
DA 2,400.00 - DA 2,400.00
Prix actuel DA 2,400.00
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* Fabric Type: Velvet
* Fabric Content: 100% Velvet
* Product Size:
Width: 20 inches (50 cm)
Height: 12 inches (30 cm)
* Package Includes: 1 Pillow Cover

* Washing instructions: Machine washable at 30 degrees. Not suitable for wringing or tumble drying. Suitable for dry cleaning. Bleach should not be used.

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Designer's note:
As you run your hands over the sumptuous quilted velvet of this throw pillow cover, let yourself be transported to a realm of luxury and elegance. The velvet fabric, rich and soft to the touch, offers an invitation to comfort that is as visually stunning as it is inviting. The bold, dimensional texture of the quilting adds depth and character, creating an interplay of light and shadow that is both captivating and chic.

The large, flowing fringes are a celebration of modern design meeting playful charm. They dance with a life of their own, framing the pillow with a touch of bohemian flair that whispers tales of far-off bazaars and artisanal craftsmanship. Each fringe is a testament to the care and attention poured into every aspect of this pillow cover's creation, ensuring that it stands out as a statement piece in any room.

Envision this pillow as the centerpiece of your living space or as the final, finishing touch to your bedroom decor. It's more than just a pillow cover; it's a conversation starter, a piece of home art that beckons guests to take a closer look and appreciate its unique beauty. Whether you're gifting this to a dear friend for their housewarming or treating yourself to a little everyday luxury, it's sure to be a cherished addition to any home.

Crafted with love and an eye for contemporary trends, this quilted velvet pillow cover with large decorative fringes is more than a mere cushion; it's a plush haven of comfort. It's an invitation to sink in, relax, and enjoy the finer things in life, wrapped in the warm embrace of impeccable style and quality.