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Global-Inspired Mosaic Throw Pillow Cover with Colorful Tassel Embellishments, Ornate Medallion Pillow Cover in Vibrant Mosaic Pattern,K-359

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Original price 72.00 NIS
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* Fabric Type: Digital Printed Fabric
* Fabric Content: 100% Polyester
* Product Size:
Width: 20 inches (50 cm)
Height: 12 inches (30 cm)
* Package Includes: 1 Pillow Cover

* Washing instructions: Machine washable at 30 degrees. Not suitable for wringing or tumble drying. Bleach should not be used.
* Our textiles, made with microfiber thread, are washable, wipeable, and stain-resistant. They also retain their size and color without shrinking or fading and offer excellent air permeability.

* Aisha's Design products are carefully designed and manufactured in our workshop.
* All images showcased are taken directly from the actual products, ensuring a true representation of their quality and design.
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Designer's note:
Let the allure of the world infuse your home with this global-inspired mosaic throw pillow cover. The intricate medallion design, reminiscent of a mosaic you might find in a faraway land, is a feast for the eyes. Its vibrant colors and patterns are designed to add an element of eclectic charm to any room. The bright tassels, each a miniature burst of color, provide a playful contrast to the detailed artwork of the pillow cover, inviting touch and adding a three-dimensional aspect to the design.

This pillow cover isn't just a piece of fabric; it's a tapestry of cultures, a conversation starter, and a work of art. The ornate medallions draw inspiration from global bazaars and the hands of skilled artisans, bringing with them stories and traditions from across the world right into your living space. It's a celebration of craftsmanship and heritage, designed to be as thought-provoking as it is beautiful.

Perfect for the world traveler or the home decorator with a taste for the exotic, this pillow cover is sure to be cherished for its beauty and revered for the global narrative it represents. Each time you glance at it or rest against its soft surface, let it remind you of the vast, colorful world out there, full of mystery and wonder, just waiting to be explored.