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Boho Decorative Duck Fabric Throw Pillow Cover with Handmade Tassels 45 x 45 cm Handicraft Traverse Design Square Cushion Cover K-201,K-201

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Aktueller Preis $ 15.59
Color: Ivory
* Fabric Type: Duck Fabric
* Fabric Content : %65 Pamuk %35 Polyester
* Dimensions : 45X45 cm
* Package Included: 1 pillow cover in the package

Luxury Look
This throw pillow cover will bring a high-end luxury look to your space. From neutral options to vibrant colors and elegant or unique designs, these pillow covers will fit in your home and look great!
Lightweight And Soft To The Touch The 45 x 45 cm pillow covers are soft to the touch. Though the decorative throw pillow cover is lightweight, it will still bring a feeling of coziness and warmth to your home or other space.

Use Wherever Needed
While many pillow covers are meant specifically for use on a sofa or a bed, our pillow cover can be used anywhere.
The decorative throw pillow cover will look just as good on the back patio as they do on the living room sofa, and they can easily be used on the bed or in an office chair as well.

Great Gift Option
This throw pillow cover is an excellent option for home decor, and it makes a fantastic housewarming gift. Perfect for friends, loved ones, or coworkers to have on hand to decorate their new space!

High-End Look Without The High-End Price
Our decorative throw pillow cover brings a classy finishing touch to your home or other space.
You can expect a luxury look and feel without a luxury price tag. Style on a budget!

So Many Options
With different styles of sofa pillow cover to choose from, you are sure to find one that is perfect for your space.

Perfect Year-Round
The pillow cover won’t be too warm in summer or too light in winter. This pillow cover is lightweight, it is cozy and warm when you need them to be.

* Washing instructions : Machine washable at 30 degrees, no wringing or drying.
* It is suitable for dry cleaning.
* Bleach should not be used.
* Aisha's Design products are carefully designed and procuded in our workshop.
* Product images; Original product shots.
* Brand, screen, etc. of the computer and mobile device used. There may be slight tonal differences in the product images depending on the features.

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